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In house training- Customised Facilitating Difficult Discussions Workshop
Management, Senior Analysts, Analysts and Administration staff at IPART

It was really tailored to our work, and therefore very useful.
 Case study - tailored to IPART's circumstances. Good examples. Very practical.
Very well researched.


In-house training - Conflict Resolution/Dispute Avoidance
Local Government Administrative Staff and Executive Assistants


Very empowering and conveyed in a supportive environment.

Helps with my approach to both managers and staff that I deal with.
The most beneficial aspect for me was learning behavior modification as it relates to dealing with individuals and managers.
Really enjoyed the training and believe it will be beneficial in my role at Council.

In-house training, Customised Complaint Handling training
Local Government Staff


Local government content and practical examples are highly relevant.

The role playing was very useful - using scenarios relevant to my area of work enabled me to think through familiar situations.
The most beneficial aspect for me was understanding the skills and mind-sets for handling complaints and difficult complainants.
The most beneficial aspect for me was learning the 8 step complaint handling process.

Well paced, with enough participation that it stayed interesting and easy to follow.

I learnt techniques for dealing with complaints that were relevant to my work.
Suggestions for defusing difficult situations.
Being able to deal with difficult situations more effectively.
Good, practical content.
Well-presented, enjoyable workshop.
(I learnt) to keep remembering to look at things from another point of view.
Very informative and interaction appropriate.
Understanding customers' behaviour.








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